Monday, August 27, 2012

My Last Blog Post

This is my last blog post.

Not ever.
Have you not met me?

I just decided that I need a different one.

The title of this blog has been "my own pursuit to happiness"

And yes, I liked the title, but you know, I'm already happy. I guess when making this blog as a 9th grader, I didn't really think too much about it. But now 5+ years later I realize that happiness isn't a one time thing. I mean, yes I'm always striving to be happy, but that doesn't mean I'm not happy already on a daily basis. It's not something that is dependent on other things. I choose whether or not I'm happy every day. I am happy because of my attitude, not because certain things did or did not happen.

I like to think I'm usually a happy person. My favorite thing to do is laugh. Quinton told me before I came back to school that he's going to miss me because I'm the only one that laughs at his jokes. That's me.
Betsy tells me I make people think they're funnier than they really are. I honestly just think most people are funny though....

I'm happy, and so is my new blog.

So, if you would like to join me, you may visit my new {and may I add pretty} blog, you can read my first post here.



Thursday, August 23, 2012

The GN and BN of Logan.

Good news- I'M MOVED IN!
I LOVE my sock monkey! :D
Bad News- I have a dumb cold
GN- we have the worlds comfiest couches. Fact.
BN- WE DON'T HAVE A MICROWAVE! And everyone knows that microwaves are how one survives college....
Note the 1850's dishwasher and no microwave. 
GN- we do have a dishwasher
BN- I'm pretty sure it's from 1910 and doesn't work.....
GN- we have some pretty snazzy wood panneling from the 70's

BN- I don't know how to hang decorations on it.... {help!}
GN- My room is set up.

BN- my fingers hurt from pushing tacks into the wall all day {see picture above}
GN- there is a ton of storage space in this place. probably cause there's only 4 of us instead of 6.
BN- I don't have enough clothes to fill the closet

you can't even see what's behind the wall.
GN- that means less laundry i guess..
BN- Our shower head is weird
GN- we have a big screen TV!

BN- I don't know how to work it
GN- We {Glen, Allison, and I} went to Walmart today.
BN- Glen was not prepared to go shopping with us.
GN- we saw a giant potato {pictures to come. Allison has them on her camera}
BN- It wasn't real.
GN- he bought ice cream to celebrate being done shopping.
BN- he almost broke the eggs/squished the bread.
GN- He left the ice cream at my apartment..... :D
BN- I probably shouldn't eat it.
GN- I bought DR Pepper ice cream topping! Cool, eh?
BN- I still haven't really met my new roommate.
GN- Natalie moves in on Saturday!

BN- Our front door locks us in our apartment and won't let us out....
GN- Hopefully it's fixed now. Third times the charm, right?
BN- my nose is so dry from blowing it.
GN- I bought some lotion kleenex today.
note the kleenex box.
BN- Allison is leaving me to go back to Ver nal on saturday for the weekenddddd.
GN- we went to dinner at olive garden today.
BN- we ate too much.

GN- we snucked {sneaked? snooked? snuck? snucken? weird words I tell ya'}10 breadsticks out of that place! :D
BN- that just means we're going to eat more later.....
GN- I'm going to {*hopefully*} make you laugh now

I'm doing this, this year. Al, Gnat? you up for it?

How incredibly cute is this?
a baby onsie/liederhousen!
definitely going into a "future" folder onto my computer

you have no idea how much I want to do this now!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Love songs, Funny story. Gemma-Kins

Let me start off by saying I'm pretty sure this is the longest I've gone without blogging in.... probably 2 years. Wow.

But there'll be a fun thing to share soon. :D So, get your excited wardrobes on.

And here's a few COUNTRY songs that I'm kind of in love with.

Be a Best friend, tell the truth
And Overuse "I love you"
Go to work, do your best
Don't outsmart your common sense
Never let your prayin' knees get lazy
And love like crazy

Always treat your woman like a lady
Never get to old to call her baby
Never let your prayin' knees get lazy
And love like Crazy

{Just a few of my favorite lines from the song.}
Let's just talk about how cute this is for a minute.
Okay, I'll stop being gushy. 

Just after this next song too...

I wish I could have gone to his concert with Al and Gnat. 

Okay, I lied. 
one more.

I seriously love this song. It's super cute and tender. 
Now, if only there's actually a guy left that is this romantic. 
Sometimes I seriously doubt there is. 

Anywho, I feel I owe you a funny story.

So this one time I was in Vernal visiting my friend Allison. Natalie came to visit too! 
I was just about to head home {3 hour drive} and was going to feed my car some lunch. Well, I locked my keys in my car. sigh. 
Let me count how many times in the one year I've had my car that I've done that. At least 5. It's ridiculous. 
Well, this time, my spare key was in Orem, and I had to get home to work. 
It was a trial. 
This kind of rough lookin guys tried to break in for me, No success. Made me feel safer knowing that it's hard to break into calvin. 
Then the other trial was that my cell phone decided it wanted to stop working 2 days previously. So I couldn't call anyone.
Allison was there, and her phone's battery was dead. So we used the gas station's phone to call her dad, who called her mom, who had to come rescue poor us. It was pitiful and heart wrenching and tramatic. 
Okay, so it wasn't that bad. more just embarrassing that I always lock my keys in the car at the most awkward possible situations. {2nd time at a gas station, mind you}
I also locked them in the car the morning betsy got married. I seriously almost cried because I almost missed her coming out of the temple. 

My life. There is absolutely nothing boring about it. 

“The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache.”
― Marjorie Pay Hinckley

What a wise woman she was. 

In breaking news as of 2 days ago, My little Gemma-kins is sitting up all by herself! 
What a big, strong girl she is!

via her mommy's facebook page.
I'm going to miss that giggle box. 

p.s. i'm teaching her to love pearls too. 
At this point, she just likes to eat mine though. You have to start somewhere, right? ;)

3 days till Logan!!!! you can tell by the packing tornado that hit my house.... 
Sorry mom.....

Thursday, August 2, 2012

BEHOLD my life in pictures.

Okay, so all these cool blogging ladies have this thing where every once in a while they put up all their pictures from their phone and have some fancy title.

well, I don't have a fancy phone, in fact, mine will be 4 years old in october. It's a champion I tell you. It has about a million and a half scratches and spazzes {how does one spell that word?} out from time to time. But, It has this fancy thing called a camera. and the reason i bought this particular phone in the first place was because way back 4 years ago, most phones had 1.3 megapixels and when my little eyes saw this fun pink phone with a whopping 5 megapixel camera, I said, "i'm getting that one" and i did. {wow Bri, that was a wonderful mega run on sentence!!}

so, while these pictures don't really have the same pop as iphone pictures, it's pretty good for a 4 year old phone's camera, right??

p.s. my phone is called the behold. just so my title makes some sense.
p.s.s. i realize this post isn't about Betsy's wedding, I haven't had time to go through those pictures yet.

This is how Q did his hair fro his drivers license picture. what a champion.

little gemma has some rockin shades.

i hope my mom doesn't kill me for putting this up. 
I got Q these swim trunk things in Germany. he's not allowed to wear them out of the house..... look at his WHITE legs though. haha

yay for new makeup!! :D

Quinton puts "smurf" cereal on his icecream... weirdo.

Betsy washing her wedding dress in a normal washer. scary moment!

Betsy's brother Andrew, taped a "Y" paper over my Aggie sticker on my car. haha

I painted my nails real cute like.

I made bridal shower cupcakes.

this is weird. I've worked there a fifth of my life?? {5th year means 4 years. FYI}
Sometimes that makes me a little sick feeling.

Harmons sells OHS stuff!! woo!

I colored real nicely in my mom's primary class. Stylish Guy if I do say so myself. :D

I'm very strongly strongly opposed to putting pictures of myself from a mirror picture because I think they're kind of extremely tacky, but, I LOVE this dress i bought! And it looks a lot better on than on the hanger. It has a lace top. :D I can't wait to wear it sunday!

grilled PB and Marshmallow sandwich. 
try it for dinners!

deep in thought while sleeping on grandma

"Why is uncle Q wearing my bib with no shirt?"

I found this ferrari car thing in the OHS parking lot. 
I thought it would have been a better use of this guy's money to pay for my college.... but I guess he didn't think so.

so i thought these were donkeys on the bum of this ADORABLE baby outfit, but turns out it was a zebra. If i had the money, i would have bought this for a future daughter.
baby clothes are my weakness. 

I found cowboy snow boots!! once again, i wish i could put this in my hope chest. 

sometimes I get bored at work and make snow flakes out of baby wipes at the register.

my grandma cobb bought me these adorable teal eyelet shoes! woo! can't wait to wear them!

this machine is at the wendy's down the street from my home. and that's emilie. it was just remodeled. 
the problem with having this many flavors is.... that I still just get plain dr pepper..... 
I don't like drinking soda too much. So if I'm going to drink it, Why not just drink my favorite?? 
emilie got raspberry coke. it was mighty tasty, actually. 
my newest nails. fun summer color and sparkles.

I made myself a malt to watch the olypmpics. 
notice the hundred wedding announcements on the fridge. 
all my friends decided this summer would be perfect to get wed.

and these next few pictures aren't from my phone. But I doubt you even care.

happy grampy with gemma 

peek a boo.
i love that her feet are on her mommy's

she loved this!

grandpa got out his dinosaur video recorder. 
I'm sure he used his "camera trick" to make two of Gemma.

Welp, i'm gonna go watch some olympics, mmmkay?

and just in case you were wondering how many times I've had the hiccups today, the answer is 6. SIX! It's annoyingly painful. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Melissa Q. W. H. III- I'm sorry, I had to do a post about this.

I've kinda always had this thing for good lookin hair, on good lookin guys. And right now, there's this fad going on with guys having Some darn good LMH.

Here's a few pictures of this hair that strikes my fancy.

it is kind of reminding me of Elvis presley. Which who even knew I liked his hair??? Not I.

this is all.

get your excited faces on cause....Next Post- "My best friend's wedding". {in real life. not the movie}

k. bye!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fam dam a Lee.

Hi guys! I'd like to introduce you to my family. Just 'cause I'm not sure if you know them or not.


my family

Dean. Padre. Sir Dean. "Big Bud"
possibly the best picture ever
taken of any family. 
Lover of- talk radio, red, steak and mushrooms, Mo Tab choir, Gemma, Chocolate milk, hiding treats in his suit coat pockets, "watching" the news, the telescope, weird phrases, and kissing mom in the kitchen.
Hater of- non collared shirts, zucchini, sandals, shorts, cottage cheese, music in the car, awkward conversations.

Melissa. Madre. Melissa Sue. In charge.
Lover of- singing into hair brushes or wooden spoons, volumized hair, singing lady gaga in the car, night gowns, talking to the dog, air conditioning on full blast, singing the wrong words of primary songs to Gemma, giving out chores, saying awkward things to make dad blush.
Hater of- when I take her hairspray, dad stealing the covers, gemma having a wet shirt, when dad's hair is messed up, Quinton not wearing a shirt.

my first birthday
Ashleigh. Ash. Big sis. the married with child one. ashlay. ashlegha
Lover of- Gemma, Nathan, telling me I need a boyfriend, salsa, laughing till tears, dates, Dr Pepper, giving me advice, drying roses, doing Gemma's hair, rolling her eyes, the name James.
Hater of- school, work, olives, me not being married with child, mushrooms, not being a stay at home mom.

Nathan. Frederico. brother/son in law.
Lover of- His camero, giving me boy advice, hamburgers, his wife and childrens, "scum", caffeine, soda,
hater of- BK, finishing ash's food, {i don't know what else he doesn't like....}

what a cute cowboy

Me. you probably know me already.
here's what they probably say about me-

this is us.

Ash and I were so stylish in our barney
shirts and ruffle socks!

who needs toys when you have laundry baskets?
Brianna. Bri. {I don't have any cool nick names :(}
lover of- love, all things cute, all things domestic, tender moments, romance, talking, orange, editing pictures, french fries, falling asleep with Gemma, cowboys, green olives, talking about Europe.
Hater of- Bananas, not having anything to do, rude men, stress, drama, Berlin, unpainted nails.

mom thought we were 80's children

Quinton. Q tip. Q bear. Q. the only brother. "little bud"
sorry i was kind of being immodest.
Lover of- showing off his muscles, being shirtless, teasing his sisters, kissing people on the cheek, scaring everyone, friends, OHS, Football, being social, meat, kissing "the chunks", ESPN.
Hater of- pickles on hamburgers, doing the dishes, being slightly hungry, mountain view, water under his chin, playing the piano.

Emilie. Ems, Emmers. emilack patty wack. youngest
lover of- Books, the bachelorette, washington, cheesy movies, trying to make me go on blind dates with her friend's older brothers, getting excited, exclamation points, thinking she's the favorite aunt, sleeping in, baby sitting.
hater of- steak, scary movies, contacts, math, being the only girl left at living at home, Quinton bugging her, having nothing to do.


the day we got Kandi. emilie was 4.
Kandi. Pooch. puppy. chunkers. Chunkies. Chunky. chunk meister. chunky monkey. baby. tanders. tandy. kanders. mama's girl. the chunk. spoiled. {she has a lot of nick names.}
Lover of- going "bye bye", treats, warm towels, sun bathing, cherry tomatoes, lima beans, squash, hanging her head out the window, shredding toilet paper, getting into trouble, kissing Quinton, howling when mom leaves, the OHS soccer field, grandma, mom, tummy rubs, sitting as close to people as possible, playing hide and seek.
Hater of- the mail man, cats, people not paying attention to her, her kennel, the door bell, the beauty shop, the vent, pickles, nail polish.

Caitlin. Caitlin sue. cait.
Lover of- yogurt land, dancing, being held, holding your hand, jumping on the trampoline, painting nails, her aunt Bri, sleepovers, pink and purple, being girly, swimming, cousins, disney channel, high school musical.
hater of- most foods, being bored, holding still.

when we lived in California.
Gemma. Gemmamamamamama. Gemma Bear. gems. Gemma girl.
Lover of- chocolate milk, Quinton's weird noises, peek a boo, rolling over, talking, slobbering, chewing on everything, lights, sparkly things, snuggling when she's tired, watching t.v., her bopoo {pacifier}
Hater of- car seat, going under overpasses, being hungry, not being held, taking naps.